About Us

About Us

CEO and one of the business’ founders, Nadine Maynard, has been the stalwart of this business for over 17 years since its establishment. She has brought over 30 years of strategic and business management skills to the business and epitomises the words: Professional Service Provider, Quality Client-Care Manager and one of the ‘Best’ Employers Of Choice you can find on the island. Above all for Nadine, the patient comes first and “…we have an in-depth understanding and emphasize with the client and their family/business of their needs, and that makes us the chosen provider of emergency and non-emergency services".

Island Care Ambulance Service is dedicated to serving the public of Barbados and visitors alike with prompt, reliable medical transport. We recognized the need for a professional, competent and affordable private ambulance service and started the company to augment the services of the government owned and operated ambulance service by providing an alternative for both emergency and non-emergency medical transportation for Barbadians and visitors alike.

We are the leaders in private ambulance transport. All of our ambulances are fully equipped with the latest medical equipment which is compliant with international guidelines. Regular servicing and valets make sure our vehicles are kept in pristine condition and we can provide our clients with a vehicle that is reliable, clean, and hygienically safe.

All of our staff are fully qualified and trained. Being a privately owned company ensures the highest standards of medical care, whilst always remembering that the patient needs the utmost consideration and understanding.

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